Specialist in digital acquisition and archiving

Clinical Assistant

Clinical Assistant has been developed to serve as central hospital storage system for images, both still and moving (video). Designed for use in multiple hospital departments, Clinical Assistant provides management, procedure and functionality modules specific to the hospital environment. Images are linked as a group (a series) to a patient-related examination (a study). Clinical Assistant focuses on patient-related images but is also research-related, e.g. data search by diagnosis.

Central management
Clinical Assistant uses one database for all hospital departments, minimizing management costs as only one backup of and access to one database is required, etc..

Departmental Procedures
Every hospital department has its own methods. Clinical Assistant will operate in line with these unique procedures, such as 'downloading' a digital handheld camera into Clinical Assistant for Dermatology, scope-registration via barcode recognition for Gastro-Enterology, automatic calibration for Pathology, etc. And the same goes for functionalities. Test results, moving images, reporting may be relevant for one department and not for another. So, functions can be switched on or off by the relevant department.

In addition to examination images, Clinical Assistant also generates reports. One or several templates are the basis for high quality reporting formats using text blocks and/or knowledge trees. A report can be sent to a central EHR (Electronic Health Record) ZIS via HL7 or any other protocol. Images can be integrated into a report. A report, including images, can be made available to authorised users via the EHR.

A presentation can be compiled from recorded images, with the selected images sorted in a pre-determined sequence. A presentation can be saved to be shown later, at a patient review for instance.

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