Specialist in digital acquisition and archiving


Clinical Assistant software is designed for clinical practices to archive and manage images, documents and moving images (video) in a database. In additon to below mentioned features, we offer various modules.

•    powerful database with full integration of images and reports
•    uncomplicated design, can be installed central, scripting and management at
     minimal costs
•    extensive security - access security by specialism and/or user
•    interacts with any video, digital camera of scanner. Virtually every acquisition
     modality can be driven within Clinical Assistant
•    digitalising, archiving, searching, showing, presenting, printing, exporting,
     e-mailing, HTML, etc.
•    direct export towards MS office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel)
•    powerful and user-friendly
•    image comparison (previous examination, textbook example, etc.)
•    edit pictures: zoom, rotate, invert, change colours, brightness, contrast,
     Photoshop filter plug-ins
•    annotations on images
•    extensive search capabilities to authorized users
•    authorization of reports (after authorization the study can not be changed)
•    workflow support, including interface with appointment applications