Specialist in digital acquisition and archiving


Photobase is a computer program to archive, retrieve, present and print images in a quick and easy way. The system is a unique combination of technologies, consisting of a powerful database with full integration of images.

Photobase is a unique software package with the following advantages:

  • Photobase is suitable for all types of image and document archiving.
    Photos, slides, drawings, deeds, etc. and even moving images can be
    archived in Photobase without any trouble. In Photobase Document
    Edition also Adobe Acrobat files can be archived.
  • Photobase has proven itself over the years in many cases, for both small
    personal photo archives and very large (national) archives.
  • Photobase is a standard software package, providing maximum functionality,
    flexibility and solidity and yet a low price.
  • User-friendly, no long training days required. You can immediately get to
    work with Photobase.
  • Clear presentation of images with related data.
  • Good search functions, including category systems, selection lists, whether
    or not mandatory fields etc.
  • Images can be saved both compressed and uncompressed. When the
    storage capacity is limited, images can be burned on CD-ROM. Photobase
    calls itselft to the correct CD-ROM if necessary.
  • EXIF and IPTC data can be read-in and archived automatically.
  • Photobase is based on standards, the package can for example make
    use of a MS-Access database, compressed images are stored as JPEG-files
    (if necessary LossLess).
  • Photobase can be connected to a DBMS, such as Oracle, IBM DB2-UDB,
    Microsoft SQL Server etc. for large archives.

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