Specialist in digital acquisition and archiving

Research Assistant

Research Assistant Professional is a computer program for image archiving, specially developed in conjunction with micro- and macroscopy. Research Assistant can be used as standard image management software at laboratories and can deal with various acquisition equipment (video and digital cameras, scanners and graphics files).

Over the years, Research Assistant has become the standard image management software in increasing numers of laboratories. Research Assistant can be integrated into various laboratory management and reporting systems, enabling image display in other applications. Research Assistant also dimensions pictures, edits pictures (ranging from simple colour corrections to the use of Photoshop Plug-Ins for complex image analysis) and the images can be presented, compared and distributed via e-mail.

Research Assistant is suitable for both micro and macro images. In both cases the live-image is presented on screen for object positioning, focussing and color corrections when appropriate. Pictures can be caputured via any number of simple devices, such as an integrated capture switch in the space-bar of the computer keyboard, a remote control or a foot-switch.